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Hit the Ground Running bola First of the NEW HIT THE GROUND RUNNING SERIES by Joe A. Rector, Jr.
10 Tips for Writing Your First Book delves into the topic of how everyone wants to be a writer. Now, with the emergence of the technologies available to everyone with an electronic device and an internet connection that desire can come to fruition.

In this book we will attempt to share some knowledge and some opinions about how to accomplish this task by answering the following questions so that you can “HIT THE GROUND RUNNING”
Patmos project patmos PROJECT: PATMOS - Gabriel Sessions is looking for something in his life to reach spiritual fulfillment. When he meets the intriguing Michelina Viselli, she leads him to a source for finding that fulfillment that is beyond anything he could have imagined. He soon finds himself developing deep feelings for Micki, but before he can let her know how he feels, tragedy strike and forces him on a worldwide journey to rescue her from the clutches of evil.
James Cavanaugh is a retire preacher who has settled into his retirement years as a farmer and ... MORE
CAr caribbean midnight

CARIBBEAN MIDNIGHT - Quinton Parker is a successful young officer in the US Coast Guard. He follows a strict code of ethics that gives him a balance and consistency in his life. However, when his older brother inadvertently gets him entangled with the dark side of Miami's drug world, that consistency is challenged. This forces Quinton to deal with emotions he never knew existed in his structured world. During this time, he must learn to function outside of the normal operating procedures and follow his instincts while not allowing his feelings to take over. In the end he must figure out who he can trust in order to survive. CLICK HERE

PROUD (POSTER) - Inspired by artist Shepard Fairey’s poster "Hope", which was widely described as iconic and became synonymous with the 2008 presidential campaign. It consists of a stylized stencil portrait of Obama in solid red, beige and (pastel and dark) blue, with the word "hope" below. Many say Fairey’s work was inspired by 1967, Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick, who was known for his poster of Che. My intent was to capture the pop art expression of these pictures in a positive light toward my Native Americans heritage.
This poster is available for free download and distribution.